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Over $70K annual income? You deserve better life insurance rates

Annie Dudkiewicz
By Annie Dudkiewicz
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You have a great income but still deserve more! This is the time to think long-term, in addition to that shopping spree you're eyeing. You can finally make sure you and your loved ones are protected with life insurance or boost the coverage you already have and finally have true peace of mind for you and your family.
Your family is now enjoying a nice upgrade in their standard of living. But what will happen if something happens to you? Of course, the hope is that you'll live a long, healthy life, but it's essential to be prepared for an instance where they'll need sufficient insurance coverage to maintain their current lifestyle.


Deciding by how much to invest or increase your life insurance coverage

When considering the total investment in your life insurance coverage, keep in mind these factors:
Your total income - How much income can you spare each month?
Your living location - What is your cost of living? This differs for each location.
What does your family need to live on - What recurring expenses do you have? Do you foresee any large expenditures in the future?
Now, sum these up. This will help you figure out how much you can invest in your current life insurance plan and what your family will need if something happens to you.


How to get covered quickly and easily

You can either increase your current policy or buy a new one. But keep in mind, not all life insurance policies can be increased. If you opt to buy a new one and do not have life insurance yet, look for a policy that can be increased.
To purchase a new policy quickly and without the hassle, you can fill out an online 15-minute application and may instantly get approved. You may not even need a medical exam if you qualify. This is a great and easy option that actually encourages health and wellness and may reward you with better rates and coverage options.
You can also increase your life insurance policy. In some cases, your health conditions may have declined from when you obtained it, leading to higher premiums if you were to purchase a new one.
If you can't increase your coverage, either cancel the policy you have, buy a new one from Sproutt or other providers, or continue with the policy you have and add to it a supplementary policy.
If these decisions may seem a bit daunting, instead of figuring it out yourself, you may want to consult a professional life insurance advisor about which option would be the most financially sound for you and your family. This can mean thousands of dollars over a policy's lifetime.
At Sproutt insurance, advisors are available to assist you in determining the best option for you. The advice is unbiased and straightforward, as Sproutt is not affiliated with any one insurance company.


How to get covered quickly and easily

To get an obligation-free life insurance quote or find out whether you can make some improvements on your existing policy:
  • Fill out the following form to determine the best plan and rates for your budget, needs, and lifestyle.
  • On the spot, based on your annual income, you'll be able to have the perfect life insurance coverage to meet your lifestyle.